Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: porting to SCO
Author reed mideke
If I remember right, the recent SCO ports have been built with
GCC, rather than the native SCO development tools. This was on the
advice of SCO support, due to bugs in the SCO compiler.

SCO has always been a classic port (process-per-connection),
since at the time of the most recent one, it did not have thread
support. So you should start by building classic.

To get the builds started, you may want to have an existing
binary build. You should be able to get an evaluation copy of
5.x from borland.

If you haven't already, subscirbe to the ib-build mailing list
at, and browes the achives. We've already discussed a lot
of the common issues there already.

If you are going to be using the firebird CVS, be sure to
get a sourceforge membership and get one of the admins to add
you to the project.
Reed Mideke rfm(at)
If that doesn't work: rfm(at)
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