Subject New release of Easysoft driver
Author Nick Gorham

I have just put a new build up on our ftp server, this contains a number
of fixes, the complete list can be found in

The biggest fix in this build is that it was defaulting to using
SQL_TXT_REPEATABLE_READ as the isolation mode, this explains a number of
problems people have had in the past with commits not appearing in other

There is also a workaround in the driver for people wanting to use
MS FoxPro, it seems that FP can't cope will a NULL schema from
SQLTables, it has to be a empty one. I refuse to call this a bug in the
driver, as that's quite allowable by the spec :-)

I have also created a new directory on the ftp site for those who have
already installed the driver, and feel happy installing the raw dll.
These are on the site un-compressed and with just a version appended to
the name.

As always any comments or whatever to either me, or support@...

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Ltd