Subject Re: [IBDI] Stored Procedure-Dataset
Author Robert F. Tulloch

> > Reading this it states that all field names have to be unique.
> > The impression I get from that is that you can't return
> > Tenants."ID" and Members."ID" in a join. Is this a wrong
> > interpretation?

> Please read the manuals once for all. When name clashes appear or you
> include a field that's the result of sum() or other function or operation,
> you need to name the fields of the view. Again, see the full syntax in the
> manuals.

I read the manual. Helen had stated that you just use a select
as I did in my SQL and create a view from it.

So I made a statement based on my reading the manual (The
section helen referred me to) and asked if
my interpretation was wrong. So to be more specific: Is
Tenants."ID" and Members."ID" a "name clash"? It certainly isn't
in a regular statement.