Subject RE: [IBDI] Stored Procedure-Dataset
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Sent: MiƩrcoles 25 de Octubre de 2000 2:47
> Reading this it states that all field names have to be unique.
> The impression I get from that is that you can't return
> Tenants."ID" and Members."ID" in a join. Is this a wrong
> interpretation?
> Thanks.

Please read the manuals once for all. When name clashes appear or you
include a field that's the result of sum() or other function or operation,
you need to name the fields of the view. Again, see the full syntax in the

> ps: Why is this set up as lists and not NG's where you can follow
> a thread? I hate stating my messenger and getting 79 messages and
> having read and delete 77. If you don't delete, it just grows into
> this unmanageable monster where you can't find anything. Are
> these all posted on mers searchsite?

IBDI is a list at egroups/onelist. I believe Rob Schieck has tied it with a
NG on Mers. If this is the case, responses that come from the emailing list
(like this one) don't appear indented. To do that, the post needs to be done
with a newsreader on the NG.

Also, since the main objective of this list is not tech support, would you
mind using the NG mers.interbase.list at the newsserver or
otherwise use the email interface to the same list that's interbase@...
to post??? If you want to subscribe via email, you can go to
and make your registration protected by a pw.