Subject Re: [IBDI] Max DB-size?
Author Eric Grange
> >The maximum interbase db-size seems to be 4 GB. Is this correct, and
> >in that case, are there any plans of expanding this?

No, this is the file limit. A db can span over many files, see "ALTER
DATABASE" in the IB doc.

> >How big is the db-engine when loaded? In other words, how much L2-
> >cache do I need to put the db-engine there?

Less than 2 MB, not sure about the core-engine size though.

> >Are there any good benchmarchs between ib, ms-sql, sybase?

You will not find "official" benchmarks with MSSQL or Oracle in it,
their licence policy forbids publishing benchmarks. The latest set with
IB in it is from GreatBridge (the PostGress guys, don't have the link
here), but it's "classic IB" under Linux, and PostGress performance is
found particularly high in this set...

Sure, it's hard to "benchmark" a DB engine, but some hard figures would
help advertising IB performance... Is anybody working/planning something
like this ?

Eric Grange