Subject Re: [IBDI] Max DB-size?
Author Ann Harrison
At 12:30 PM 10/19/2000 +0000, tjemalaga@... wrote:

>The maximum interbase db-size seems to be 4 GB. Is this correct, and
>in that case, are there any plans of expanding this?

The maximum size of a single file is 4Gb. You can have up to
64K files, so the maximum database is somewhat larger than 4Kb.

>How big is the db-engine when loaded? In other words, how much L2-
>cache do I need to put the db-engine there?

Forgive me if this is horribly ignorant, but the critical
performance tends not to be in the code but in the allocated
structures. I'm not sure what putting the code in L2-cache
would help.

>Are there any good benchmarchs between ib, ms-sql, sybase?

Not that I know of.