Subject Re: [IBDI] Certifed IB6
Author Shaunak Mistry
I have forwarded your original email to Cathie Royer, so that she can reply to
some parts of this mail.

Helen Borrie wrote:

> Shaunak,
> Some questions about this, if you have time....
> At 09:38 AM 05-10-00 -0700, Shaunak wrote:
> >Inprise will run various tests to test the functionality, stability and
> >performance of the 6.0 kit, and make sure 6.0 passes all these tests. This
> >version of IB 6.0 will be the certified IB 6.0 kit.
> Experience shows that, although all of the TCS testing was done in the
> run-up to the 6.0 release, on the day, the 6.0 builds were re-done under
> the directive of Inprise management and the 6.0 release went out with NO
> testing.

AFAIK and remember, the InterBase 6.0 binaries which were planned to be released
were released (except for changes to license files). So what bugs you see now in
the released IB 6.0 kit you would have seen any way. The binaries from what I
remember did under go testing. The binaries did go through substantial testing
before release.

The problems with building the kits is a whole another story as we did have to
change the licence headers in all files. An unlucky side effect of theses changes
was the zeroing out of the binary (like icon files) files.

> Does your comment signal that the Inprise-built release is not "certified"
> ?? Do you have any knowledge of what will be considered a "certified" build?
> >What it means to InterBase 6.0 users is that it will be the kit for which
> >you can buy support from Inprise. (Currently Inprise only sells support for
> >5.6 and lower).
> So customers can't buy support from Inprise at present, because there are
> no certified builds?
> >Shaunak Mistry.
> and..
> > AFAIK, Inprise is going to internally certify IB 6.0.
> What does "internally certify" indicate? Do you know whether this means
> Inprise plans to hire a QA team for InterBase?


> Thanks...
> Helen
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Sorry for the delayed reply.

Shaunak Mistry
InterBase, Inprise.