Subject Re: [IBDI] ODBC for InterBase 6: General Release Notification
Author Nick Gorham
Dmitri Smirnov wrote:

> Nick Gorham wrote:
> >
> > Dmitri Smirnov wrote:
> >
> > > Nick,
> > >
> > > can't find if it is thread safe. Is it?
> >
> > The driver itself is, but I am starting to wonder if gds32.dll is, I have
> > had a strange problem reported with multiple threads.
> Oh, you did not know? gds32.dll is NOT thread safe. I think it was
> discussed a number of times. This is what my original question was about.
> If you want your dirver work with multiple threads you need to serialize
> every call to gds32.dll. There might be a few exceptions but right now none
> comes to my mind except obvious isc_wait_for_event() because you can't wrap
> it with mutexes and that is why people usually use isc_queue_event in
> multithreaded programs. You do not have to deal with events in ODBC so
> everything including undocumented but usefull isc_free() must be
> serialized. I had to do the whole bunch of C++ class wrappers for Linux/NT
> recently so I am speaking from experince.

Ok, that explains that, I will fix tomorrow.

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