Subject Re: [IBDI] ODBC for InterBase 6: General Release Notification
Author Nick Gorham
Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:

> Nick, is there a trial of the final product?

This is a mistake, the version for sale is available for trial as before, this
will be corrected on the site today.

> I went to the download page but it says one cannot download or use the
> product without purchasing a license in advance.
> Also, how do you deal with transaction isolation level? Do you have some
> setting in the driver (maybe in the ODBC settings) or do yo simply allow the
> programmer to pass the isolation a SQL command (set transaction
> isolation...) to the server after connecting?

You can select wait or nowait on the dsn for locking, I havn't seen any issues
with other than REPEATABLE_READ, however, I will alter thias as required.

> Of course, gds32.dll never has been thread safe. This is the reason an
> application should use separate sessions, one for each thread.

This will be fixed today.

The fact that we are selling the driver does not mean that I won't be fixing
problems as they occur, It just means I can produce a build that wont expire,
this was a problem for some potential users.

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Ltd