Subject Contributions
Author Rea Berryman
Regarding contributions from developers... I'm assuming that some
developers will be able to contribute to writing/modifying the IB code.
Others will contribute through their involvement with administrative
duties etc. There may be a group that wishes to make contributions in
other ways.

For example, contributions to hire certain people to work on the source.
Say... Ann Harrison, Jim Starkey, Jason Wharton, etc., etc. If the
developers within the IB community could raise sufficient funds to hire
a few "top guns", all of us will benefit.

What I would envision would be a place on the Interbase2000 site where
people can make direct contributions (credit card?) to the hiring of
specific developers. The more contributions, the more developers. Let's
face it, if you want rapid enhancements, you need passionate,
intelligent, well paid developers. At least it couldn't hurt!! Who
knows, there may be some VARS out there who would be able and willing to
make siginificant contributions to a well focused agenda.

Any thoughts?