Subject Just In Time
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Hi y'all,

This one was just in time for I was ready to return to my Infra CD-ROM driver
for Linux :)
I believe we don't need manifestations anymore. If you don't mind I'd share
some thoughts, brevi manu.
First of all, it'd be nice to keep in mind the following shootlist of OSs
where we might seek for success:

1. Linux, server for the people
2. *BSD, fast and robust open UNIX clone, the beloved toy of security geeks
3. NT, well, you know....
4. Tru64 UNIX, 'nuff said, big business, high standards

The list must be prioritised, but I don't think we should limit ourselves to
NT, Linux and Solaris.
What can be done right now? Many things, indeed. I myself would concentrate
on systems fine-tuning for effective use with IB. Unices are extremely adoptab;l
to hardware. Separate configuration parameters into three cathegories: optional.
essential and crucial. What are optimal values for these parameters for every
OS/platform combination? How to reach these values?
Incorporate `Ways To Make IB Scream', proceed with recommended SQL/client
side programming techniques, provide examples usable in real life. And so on.

Edward V. POPKOV
Independent Developer

Version: 3.1
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