Subject Re: contributions and more
Author Fabricio Araujo
On Tue, 11 Jan 2000 06:19:41 -0800, Rob Schuff wrote:

>From: "Rob Schuff" <robertsc@...>
>1. What about the ODBC driver for IB? Will the source for it been opened as

Anyway, Borland owns Intersolv driver or just licensed it?
If licensed, we'll don't even see the smoke of this code...

>2. How can clients other than win32 connect to IB? Certainly there is
>InterClient. Is its performance adequate?

If actual codebase is mantained, any non-intel can connect.
Interface DLL (or whatsever) is almost the same for various platform.

>3. Shouldn't there be a set of OCX's to access IB? How about a port of IBO
>to Active X?

It can be a nice for Vb developers that are not so MSFT-evangelized...
But I'll bet for the new toy of MSFT: ADO... Anyway, Jason can do
the ActiveX path and make IBO behaves like IBO and not like ADO...
But he maybe take at least a time to see what's fit better for him.

>Obviously what I am trying to say here is that interbase needs to as natural
>of a choice for non-borland tools users as well. Most notably it seems the
>VB market is a huge and untapped "market" for IB.

It's true.

> Worst case is we have to form some kind of legal entity to act as a steward of the
>future direction IB development.

In this case, if OSS license allows, we can make our own Interbase ( with
other name)... But it will drive to fork in the codebase, but sometimes a fork
is better than nothing.