Subject Re: Firebird 2.5 built from source code on AIX 6.1 - core dump
Thanks for your answer, Alex.

I thought that may be I missed something in environment or build configuration settings. This is why I asked this question. Of course I'm trying to debug it, but on AIX it's not a pleasure :(

As I mentioned, I can build all execs manually restarting create_db for all fdb files. But after that I face the same core dump in isql trying to create my fdb file (having fb_inet_server running).

Strange thing is - it works sometimes. Couple of times I was able to create a new fdb and pass basic tests (create table, insert a few rows, few selects, delete all rows, drop table). But on next run I got this core dump.
I'm always set library path for firebird/lib, FIREBIRD, and FIREBIRD_LOCK env. vars.

I'm really surprised since on FB web site it's been reported as successfully built on all platforms which are subject of interest for us (builds/initial tests went OK on Windows and Linux, and in our plans are also builds for HP-UX IA-64 and Sun SPARC, along with AIX which has higher priority).

Thank you,