Subject Firebird 2.5 built from source code on AIX 6.1 - core dump
Hi All,

I asked this question already in Support group.

I'm trying to built  FB from the source code v. on AIX 6.1 (PPC). I've made some minor changes in the build script to let it create ./configure script, also a couple of source code files slightly changed (mostly to avoid conflicts).
But now I'm facing a problem - attempt to create/access to DB file causes core dump in Jrd::LockManager::attach_shared_file() function.
Actually, it happens during the build when empty.fdb and other DB files are created. Manually retrying create_db I can get all all .fdb files created (files are created in spite of  core dump).

AIX 6.1 PPC, IBM XL C/C++ for AIX, V12.1

My settings:

export CC=xlc_r
export CXX=xlC_r
export CFLAGS="-q64 -gxlc -D_REENTRANT"
export CXXFLAGS="-q64 -gxlC D_REENTRANT"

./ --enable-debug=yes 

this is the core stack of create_db:

(gdb) where
#0  0x000000010037945c in Jrd::LockManager::attach_shared_file( (long *)) (this=0x700000000006fa0,
    status=0xfffffffffffe660) at ../src/lock/lock.cpp:344
#1  0x000000010038aa9c in __ct__Q2_3Jrd11LockManagerFRCQ2_8Firebird10StringBaseXTQ2_8Firebird16StringComparator_ (
    this=0x700000000006fa0, id=@0xfffffffffffef50: ???) at ../src/lock/lock.cpp:232
#2  0x000000010038ae98 in create__Q2_3Jrd11LockManagerFRCQ2_8Firebird10StringBaseXTQ2_8Firebird16StringComparator_ (
    id=@0xfffffffffffef50: ???) at ../src/lock/lock.cpp:182
#3  0x000000010026d6a8 in jrd8_attach_database (user_status=0xffffffffffff6d0,
    filename=0x700000000008c60 <error: Cannot access memory at address 0x700000000008c60>, handle=0xffffffffffff318,
    dpb_length=17, dpb=0xffffffffffff4c8 "\001M") at ../src/jrd/jrd.cpp:1039
#4  0x00000001000a64e8 in isc_attach_database (user_status=0xffffffffffff6d0, file_length=0,
    file_name=0xffffffffffffa55 "empty.fdb", public_handle=0xffffffffffff770, dpb_length=4,
    dpb=0xffffffffffff7b8 "\001@\001\001П") at ../src/jrd/why.cpp:1493
#5  0x0000000100001338 in main (argc=2, argv=0xffffffffffff910) at ../src/utilities/create_db.cpp:49

Any ideas what should I do to make it working would be appreciated.