Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Compression
Author Alexander Peshkov
В Вт., 27/09/2011 в 10:23 +0200, Dimitry Sibiryakov пишет:
> 27.09.2011 10:18, Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
> >> Records are already compressed as delta + RLE. Page level compression is pointless
> >> because page of variable size is a headache.
> >
> > Still fixed page size on disk with compressed data.
> And this is exactly why page compression is pointless: you are writing to disk full
> page size anyway, no difference between page with uncompressed data and page with
> compressed data + some filling zeros.

Must say that for example NTFS supports writing compressed pages to disk
and does not fill it with 0, instead puts more data to the page. We
probably can do something like this - when adding new record/version to
the page compress it and when result does not fit, use another page for
that record/version.