Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: embedding Lua as procedural language
Author Jim Starkey
paulruizendaal wrote:
>> The date of the ECMAScript document (ISO standard for JavaScript)
>> is December, 1999. Not a big risk.
> Hmmm... perhaps not:
> With AIR and Silverlight going beyond JS1.5, the risk could be larger
> than you think. However, for the foreseeable future 99% of the world
> will think of JS as JS1.5 / ES3. You don't run on IE otherwise.
No risk at all. There is no reason why a JavaScript subset isn't
perfectly acceptable.
>> Paul, I'm looking for something to layer on, not in, the engine.
>> Or, in other words, something to call the engine, not be called by
>> the engine.
> I know. However Cosmin isn't (I think). Personally, I'm looking for a
> way to make it easy for developers to manage the state space of
> applications and transitions therein, including a way to manage
> caches in the entire stack, from database to client.
> Lua and/or JS are only tangentially interesting at the moment, as a
> potential way to handle macro-transactions.

I believe that direct access to a database server from a browser is the
application architecture from hell. Just think about the ramifications
of 30 millions bots banging on your poor server. Too horrible to even

Anyway, I have no interest in putting anything inside of IE or any other

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