Subject Re: embedding Lua as procedural language
Author paulruizendaal

> Maybe this is offtopic, but for the 3.0 release, which javascript
> interpreter library will be used?
> I'm asking since Jim talked about a new implementation, and that
> throws my hopes away. No offense, but a such lang. impl. needs
> to prove itself regardless of how wonderful it might get in the end.

I may be mistaken, but I don't think javascript or lua stored
procedures are planned for FB3.

However, Firebird provides an API to hook up any external language.
Why don't you write the Lua and/or JavaScript plugin for that API? I
think you can do the Lua version quite easily, say 1 week to
understand the API and 1 week to hook up the Lua runtime.

JavaScript may take longer, unless you already know how to embed
them. I suppose you could use either the one obtained from Mozilla:
of from ECMA:

Personally, I'd wait for Jim's JavaScript, because it will probably
weigh in at around 250kB (including its std lib), which is
significantly less than the above two choices and ballpark equal to
Lua. Jim's probably writing Java, so you'll have to hook up a gcj lib
to FB which may be a hurdle, I don't know.

Devel is probably a better list to get help with the external engine