Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Firebird cost licence
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:38 PM 4/12/2008, you wrote:
>I went to the site to read the information licence :
>but i didnt undertand something :
>Firebird 1.0 was open source...

--under the IPL (InterBase Public License)


and Firebird 1.5 was open source under the IPL for code that was inherited under the IPL and IDPL (Initial Developer's Public License) for new code modules that were developed only by the Firebird Project

>but now Firebird 2.0 and more is under IPL et IDPL, Firebird is not free anymore ?

Yes, it is still free in the same way that Firebird 1 and 1.5 are free. The IPL and IDPL are both derivatives of the Mozilla Public License. On one side of free, you are free to use and distribute Firebird without paying any fees; in the other side of free, you are required to make the Firebird source code available under the same licensing if you modify or enhance it.

>How much is the cost of Firebird for a commercial project with Delphi
>(developpement licence and licence for selling licence softs) ?

It can be free of charge, if you wish. However, you could consider becoming a regular contributor to Firebird's costs by joining the Firebird Foundation as a member or a sponsor. See