Subject Re: Feature request: API call to return number of free pages in database
Author Stephen Boyd
--- In, Vlad Khorsun <hvlad@...> wrote:
> And what this application would do ? Stop its function ? ;)

Basically, yes. Stop adding new entries until the user runs a purge.

> I not object this extension but i really don't know why it may
be needed for ;)

It was more important for older versions of Firebird where the
database would go corrupt if you filled it up. It is still nice to be
able to give the user some warning of impending doom before shutting
him down.

> If nobody object about this feature - send diff's to me for
review, if you wish

I will package up the code and try to send it to you today. It isn't
diffs because it has never been integrated into the engine. It is a
standalone application and/or DLL.