Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Feature request: API call to return number of free pages in database
Author Vlad Khorsun
> There are times when it would be nice to know how many free pages are
> available in a database. For example:
> Suppose you have an application that stores large amounts of data in
> Blobs. It is important to be able to monitor the database to know
> when it is getting full.

And what this application would do ? Stop its function ? ;)

> Initially this can be done by monitoring the
> amount of free space on the drive(s) holding the database, but after
> purging stale data this will no longer work since the database does
> not shrink when the Blobs are deleted. In this case it would be nice
> to be able to get the number of free pages in the database. I'm
> thinking that this could be added as an option to the
> isc_database_info API call.

I not object this extension but i really don't know why it may be needed for ;)

> I have some code that provides the same function by reading the
> database directly and reporting on the number of free pages that way
> but I am afraid some future change to the ODS will break this code. I
> can contribute the code that I have if this will help.

If nobody object about this feature - send diff's to me for review, if you wish