Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Gpre & the SQL parser
Author Leyne, Sean

> <begin rant>
> One of the only complaints that I have with Firebird in general is,
> what appears to be, an almost complete devotion to enhancing the
> engine and an almost complete disregard for the peripheral utilities
> like GPRE, GSEC, ISQL, et al.

<begin rant back>

The project is focused on things which matter to 99.9% of users, that
includes GSEC, ISQL, GBAK, NBackup...

GPRE is a utility which has created for very specific needs, which time
has passed by.

> And not everyone codes using one of the new OO languages. There
> are legacy apps out there that are still going to be ticking along
> long after I retire and they need some sort of support.

The fact that the apps will be around forever is not something which the
project is responsible for supporting. It is for the application
developer/owner to concern themselves with.

Finally, GPRE works. It didn't/doesn't support the latest engine, but
in a support legacy app situation, it doesn't need to. Nothing says
that Firebird needs to concern with supporting everything back to day

It don't think it is fair to hold Firebird responsible for the fact that
your stuck with the (unenviable) task of supporting an ancient
language/environment. For which, by the way, no project member has
experience with.

</begin rant back>

I do feel for you.

But at the same time, the reality is that your in a place because your
put yourself there, Firebird didn't put you there.