Subject Re: Gpre & the SQL parser
Author Stephen Boyd
--- In, Adriano dos Santos
Fernandes <adrianosf@...> wrote:
> I would suggest you to follow SQLJ way.
> It parses what he needs for parameters and return values and send the
> rest to JDBC (the FB API or a Cobol layer, in your case).
> IMO, we don't need a common parser.
> We need to maintain GPRE because we internally use it.
> Who more uses it? Maybe only you?

Even if it only gets used by the build and myself, it still needs to
be maintained. It is a part of Firebird and, as such, it should
implement the full SQL feature set supported by DSQL. If we aren't
going to maintain it properly we should deprecate it, but that would
make me (at least) very unhappy.

Veering off topic here ----->

Please take this a constructive criticism as it is intended.

<begin rant>

One of the only complaints that I have with Firebird in general is,
what appears to be, an almost complete devotion to enhancing the
engine and an almost complete disregard for the peripheral utilities
like GPRE, GSEC, ISQL, et al. These utilities add value to the
product as a whole. A database manager isn't all about DSQL and the
API. And not everyone codes using one of the new OO languages. There
are legacy apps out there that are still going to be ticking along
long after I retire and they need some sort of support.

<end rant>