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> > I saw the from the core features of SQL Standard the POSITION
> > function isn't supported. Perhaps you can use the engine from the
> > CONTAINING predicate?
> We didn't offer it because we are waiting for you to draw a
> discuss it here, implement it and donate the code to the project.
> We have enough ranters... if only some of them were doers, FB would
be much
> more advanced today. Did you count the number of active core
> C.

I'm very sorry about disturbing you. Please forgive me. But I'm only
a yet another Delphi coder (not so humble unfortunately - I'm very
serious now, nothing is ironic here...) which uses, because of
certain circumstances, in a die-hard way his programming language and
Firebird and tries to help you as much as he can. Sorry once again.

m. Th.