Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] The POSITION
Author Jim Starkey
Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:
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>> I saw the from the core features of SQL Standard the POSITION
>> function isn't supported. Perhaps you can use the engine from the
>> CONTAINING predicate?
> We didn't offer it because we are waiting for you to draw a proposal,
> discuss it here, implement it and donate the code to the project.
> We have enough ranters... if only some of them were doers, FB would be much
> more advanced today. Did you count the number of active core developers?

Sorry about Claudio, sometimes he's just that way.

This is exactly the right place to discuss things like this. The first
step in any design is to understand the requirements -- what a feature
is for, what it is supposed to do, what need it fits, how people will
use, and whether it should conform, extend, or violate the standard.

So pay no attention to Claudio, this is the right time and place to open
the discussion. A proposal of semantics and syntax is the next step.
First, we need to understand what you want and why.


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