Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Some benchmarks about 'Order by' - temporary indexes?...
Author Pavel Cisar
m_theologos wrote:
> 2. IMHO, I didn't think that the benchmark is pointless because in
> the real world, on the client side, there are very rare the cases in
> which someone wants to 'see' the entire set. Now I don't imagine
> someone which wants to browse let's say 20000 recs.

True, but not all applications are "interactive browsers". If you want
such optimization, then define required indices. Server has no
information what's preferred behavior for you, so it's pointless to
complicate the server's code to give you "optimizations" you don't want
and that in fact would hurt performance in some cases. Anyway, your
proposal to build temporary indices on the fly is flawed, as it might
work only for simple queries from single table.

best regards
Pavel Cisar