Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Some enhancements to NBackup to allow backups more often
Author Leyne, Sean
> Sorry Dimitry, I don't understand very well. AFAIK, NBackup will log
> on _ON_THE_DATABASE_ as another user (thus, in the classic mode will
> create another process) will issue an ALTER DATABASE BEGIN BACKUP,
> do his job in HIS transaction,

Actually, NBackup while executing the backup does not have a transaction
open. The backup is performed outside of a database transaction.

The nbackup does not care about transactions, it only cares about
changes to db pages.

> Another very important thing, regarding to the Sean's message, this
> will be a very important advantage IMHO rather than creating/closing
> server processes only to do an incremental backup (which is the case
> in classic mode) which will be a very important speed gain.

The time is takes to start the nbackup process is insignificant when
compared to the processing required to read and inspect the header of
each database page for changes.