Subject Some enhancements to NBackup to allow backups more often
Author m_theologos

Can you add at the NBackup some flags in order to leave the NBackup
permanently open and logged on in the FDB(s)?

-at<seconds> which will check after the specified amount of time if
any change(s) happened. If isn't specified then assume a default
value, let's say 600 seconds (10 minutes).
-ac<nr. of changes> which will trigger the backup if in the FDB are
commited <nr. of changes> changes. If isn't specified then assume a
default value of 1.

After this, the utility will re-enter again in the watch mode. (It
can be stopped with Ctrl+C, for example)

Some examples:

nbackup -B 1 -at300 -ac5 C:\MyFdb.fdb (look each 5 minutes and if 5
changes are made then do the backup)

nbackup -B 1 -at60 C:\MySensitiveData.fdb (look each minute and if a
change is detected then backup)

nbackup -B 1 -ac10 c:\MyHeavyLoadLog.fdb (look each 10 minutes and if
10 changes are detected then backup)

What do you say?

m. Th.