Subject Re: List Idiots, was Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Gpre & Cobol
Author Lester Caine
Jim Starkey wrote:

> Milan Babuskov wrote:
>>Jim Starkey wrote:
>>>>It's not "automated". Every twit who tries to post to the list
>>>>without subscribing first is a job for one of us mugs who moderate
>>>>the list. We could stop to subscribe the senders of bona fide
>>>>messages (a different interface from the one with messages for
>>>>approval) but multiply this task by ~ 30 lists and you'll understand
>>>>why at least I think that enough bounces will persuade people to
>>>>exert themselves and subscribe.
>>>Indeed, indeed. Discouraging potential developers is one of our most
>>>important tasks. Thanks for your efforts.
>>Does the project really need people with such attitude as developers?
>>Someone who expects everything served on a silver plate would hardly put
>>an effort in open source project (unless it pays money).
> Yes, the project does need developers. Someone just approaching the
> project with a legitimate question or problem should be welcomed and, if
> appropriate, gently guided to the correct forum. A bounce reply just
> doesn't qualify as nurturing and is more likely to send someone off in a
> huff than encourage him to participate. There are issues with support
> question on the developer list, but this wasn't one of those.
List access has to be controlled - FULL STOP.
Or perhaps you would prefer the 150Mb of crap that is going through my
eMail server each day?
The yahoo arrangement of not allowing posts until a new subscriber is
approved kills one hell of a lot of crap. We need the same on the
sourceforge lists, but they are not so 'user friendly'.
Until someone chews the balls of the spammers we are stuck with having
to bounce things that are possible crap :)

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