Subject Re: List Idiots, was Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Gpre & Cobol
Author Jim Starkey
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Jim Starkey wrote:
>>> It's not "automated". Every twit who tries to post to the list
>>> without subscribing first is a job for one of us mugs who moderate
>>> the list. We could stop to subscribe the senders of bona fide
>>> messages (a different interface from the one with messages for
>>> approval) but multiply this task by ~ 30 lists and you'll understand
>>> why at least I think that enough bounces will persuade people to
>>> exert themselves and subscribe.
>> Indeed, indeed. Discouraging potential developers is one of our most
>> important tasks. Thanks for your efforts.
> Does the project really need people with such attitude as developers?
> Someone who expects everything served on a silver plate would hardly put
> an effort in open source project (unless it pays money).
Yes, the project does need developers. Someone just approaching the
project with a legitimate question or problem should be welcomed and, if
appropriate, gently guided to the correct forum. A bounce reply just
doesn't qualify as nurturing and is more likely to send someone off in a
huff than encourage him to participate. There are issues with support
question on the developer list, but this wasn't one of those.


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