Subject Re: SV: SV: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Design of new built-in functions
Author Jim Starkey
Lars B. Dybdahl wrote:

>I can strongly recommend the MediaWiki software, which powers both
> and some of our internal intranet in our company:
>It would run perfectly on an $8/month virtual Linux server. It is extremely
>easy to install:
>- Unzip into a directory that is accessible by the webserver
>- Click into the homepage and follow the instructions
>For a start, it would probably also run perfectly on a $1/month webhotel -
>the only thing to avoid is a webhotel that runs PHP safe mode, because that
>would kill some automatic image scaling.
MySQL is currently hosting the IBPhoenix server. Paul Reeves at
IBPhoenix is the system manager. Maybe we can coax him to set it up.
If he doesn't want to put it on the primary server, I hereby grant
permission to use the quad-core Opteron (fawkes) jointly owned by MySQL
and IBPhoenix.


Jim Starkey, Senior Software Architect
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