Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Design of new built-in functions
Author Jim Starkey
paulruizendaal wrote:

>>>This makes your new efforts all the more interesting. If the
>>>Falcon/Vulcan engine for MySQL hits the market sweetspot and
>>>allows MySQL to recapture growth, it might IPO at $1.5 billion; if
>>>it fails to that, it might IPO at $0.5 billion. It is not often
>>>that one billion dollars hinge on one man's ability to architect &
>>>implement a breakthrough database engine in 6 months.
>>Let me correct a misunderstanding. Falcon is not related to
>>Vulcan. Vulcan has quite a bit of Falcon/Netfrastructure code, but
>>not the other way around.
>But of course. At least we agree that there is quite a bit of
>commonality between Falcon and Vulcan.
Actually not. The Odbc driver inherited the value handling about five
years ago. Vulcan inherited the memory manager and the low level
synchronization and threading primitives. And there is the beloved
JString, of course. But that's about all.

The engines are radically different. Falcon is multi-generational in
memory but single generation on disk. Falcon is native SQL -- none of
this BLR stuff. The Falcon internal interface is JDBC, as is the engine
structure. Falcon has blobs and clobs but no blob types. No event
alerters in Falcon, either.

Keep in mind that Netfrastructure was a running product before Interbase
went open source.


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