Subject reserved words
Author legrand_legrand_63

I have tried to port many applications to Firebird, and each time the
more heavy work is to modify the source code to quote "Reserved words".

For example to be able to port "Tiny ERP" from postgreSQL to Firebird
there are (Nb of modifications):

type 24 (removed from FB2)
active 15
action 7
value 6
password 4
key 2
auto 1
time 1

During ZENTRACK port from MySQL to Firebird

where modified in adodb, but the software owner didn't want to include
that modif, the port hasn't been made public.

JIRA met problems with "PARAMETER" at less

COMPIERE port to Fyracle met the same problem, but the modification
has been done in Fyracle ("Reserved words" are quoted during columns
definition but no quote is needed in SQL statements).

Could this kid of modification be available in Firebird ?