Subject Looking for multi-user embeded SGDB
Author Alexandre Leclerc
Hi all,

I'm looking for an embeded (in the application executable) SGDB that
is milti-user like DataFlex or HyperFile (Windev) db.

I've read in the features that Firebird has such a possibility but it
looks like it is single-user.

I just don't know where to look for. Does anyone know about any
database that do not require a server (kind of file based) that is
multi-user and all the required stuff is in the executable (or dll/so)
for multi-platform projects (mainly windows for now)?

(The simple way to understand: install the application in a fold on a
server and all the windows clients can execute the exe from the shared
folder. All the db is accessible and workable very easely in
multi-user environment... like 40-80 users with no problems, and

Thank you very much for any help and informations. (Maybe this is
planned in a future release of firebird?)

Alexandre Leclerc