Subject Re: Future feature priorities
Author t_j_haynes
Thanks for the useful reply.

--- In, Jim Starkey <jas@n...>
> Vulcan is currently schedule for first product release by the end
> of December. It may not have 100% of features new to V2, but we
> expect to have the bugfixes.

Great! Presumably a merge with V2 will follow?

> > Another not uncommon requirement is for simple whole-database
> > replication, but sadly Firebird's shadow databases sadly fall
> > just short of being a truly brilliant distinguishing feature
> > and trigger based replication mechanisms are comparatively lousy.
> What exactly do you want? Are you looking for physical replication
> (which is what shadows are), logical replication, or just something
> that supports hot rollover? Could you be specific about your
> objects to IBReplicator and other (potention) trigger based
> replication schemes?

To ensure continuity of service, the ideal would be to have a quickly
recoverable copy of the main database maintained on another machine,
so that in the event of an outage on the main server, a standby can
be quickly started up. A shadow on another machine would be ideal,
but it would need to withstand occasional network glitches and
reboots, so some sort of update queueing mechanism would be needed -
probably just using disk files.

Trigger based replication is great if you want selective replication
of parts of database, but a lot slower for replicating everything.
It also requires constant maintenance, whenever tables are added,
nodified etc.