Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Future feature priorities
Author Martijn Tonies
> > Last, but not least is the lack of a standard graphical
> > administrative interface. This doesn't worry me, but some of these
> > youngsters today can only function in a point-and-click world. A
> > problem is that there are several GUI tools available, causing
> > confusion among users who just want to install the standard package
> > and have it just work 'out of the box'.
> At the FlameRobin project we aim to fix this. It is still in alpha
> phase, but we will get beta (and most probably 1.0) out this year. In
> the meantime you can use IBExpert Personal Edition, which is the best
> freeware tool available. Or, you can buy some of the excellent
> commercial tools. They don't cost too much, I guess your first Firebird
> project pays it off.

And if not that, then the time you will be saving by using such a tool
surely will. Save time _each day_ and _every hour_ by chipping in
under $200 ... Your choice ;-)

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