Subject Re: Strategic Replacement for Services API
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Open a socket, send an XML string, get an XML string back. If the
> server doesn't like you, it will close the socket. If it doesn't
> think you're XML is XML, it will close the socket. Otherwise it will
> return a polite XML packet say it did you you asked, here is the
> information you requested, or here is the reason I couldn't do it.
> It is a remarkably easy way to make an extensible protocol without
> fuss, bother, or pain. No reason to build in a dependency on yet
> another external library.

XML-RPC is not a library, but a standard how to marshall remote calls
into XML - nothing really hard.

I think it is implementation decision whether to take the already
existing library or code it from the scratch. I prefer using a
library, but others might prefer latter. But following a standard
gives us a choice.