Subject Re: External procedures: implementation proposal.
Author evgeneyputilin
> May I suggest you use addRef() and release() instead? Use counting
> makes many activities much easier.
Why? Many template library have code for automatic reference counter.
> >>I think ResultSet::getValue should be replaced with
> >>
> >>
> >ResultSet::getValues
> >
> >
> >>getting all the return values in one call.
> >>
> >>
> Unless you have a strong argument to the contrary, I'm going to
> that you use the ResultSet definition already in use.
What? We define termin and describle it's

We can use namespace for splip this term in code. Or you have rigth
for exlusive use of this word? Please inform me.

We can't use you ResultSet interface(pure virtual class in C++ term)
for External Procedue if they don't approach for this task.

WBR Eugeney Putilin.