Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: External procedures: implementation proposal.
Author Jim Starkey
Roman Rokytskyy wrote:

>>We already have a ResultSet implemented with three implementations,
>>one inside of Vulcan, one in the layered IscDbc interface, and one
>>inside the ODBC driver. Unless there is a very strong reason to the
>>contrary, we don't need another bloody one.
>If that's about the name, it can be changed. But I agree with Adriano
>(and I wrote that already before) that type conversion is not needed
>in our case.
In that case, I reject your proposal. It breaks the layering, it is
insufficient to scope to evaluation, and violates existing internal

If and when you return with an amended proposal, I will be perfectly
willing to consider it. But the current proposal is too flawed to
justify further consideration.


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