Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Database Capabilities
Author Daniel Rail
Hello Claudio,

Friday, July 22, 2005, 3:22:12 AM, you wrote:

> Otherwise, we should consider a special call that can return the
> capabilities of the newest provider the y-valve can find, requesting that
> such provider handles databases directly instead of being a gateway to
> something else.

> Does this make sense to you?

It does to me.

And, what about a call that would list all the available providers and
a separate call where you would pass a reference to one of the
providers from that list to see what is its capabilities? This would
be on top of the call to find the newest provider.

And, what about a call where you would be able to pass the
capabilities that you are looking for, and the returned value(s) would
either be Yes or No, or a list of providers where those capabilities
are supported? This is essentially useful if you already know which
capabilities you are looking for and just want to check to see if they
are supported. And, it can be done in one call, versus getting a list
of the providers and going through them one by one to check their
capabilities(less communications with the server).

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