Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: External procedures: implementation proposal.
Author Nando Dessena

J> The think I most dislike about configuration data in the database is
J> transportability -- the environment in which a backup is restore is not
J> necessarily where it was created, and things may very well be in
J> different places. Requiring a user to mimic one system on another to be
J> able to restore a database doesn't strike me as user (or dba) friendly.

I think everybody have to agree on this point. But, do we consider
the module name and entry point name of a UDF "system-dependent
configuration data"? The path in which to look for the modules, sure,
and that's already in the config file in Fb1/2. But the name of a
library (which is akin to a namespace in my view), I'm not at all
sure. The same goes for external procedures.

Nando Dessena