Subject Firebird and security products - a worrying trend?
Author roytsganda
Firebird and Interbase 6.0 are being blocked by some security
products and this seems to be an increasing trend. This is not a
support request, but a question: Do members of the architects group
feel that this blocking will extend to more and more personal
firewalls, security suites and anti-spyware software and should the
Firebird community therefore be complaining to the vendors about it?

FB and IB6 accessed through a JDBC connection are both blocked by
McAfee Privacy Service and F-Secure Internet Suite, and IB6 is also
blocked by ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Other ZoneAlarm, F-Secure and
McAfee products as well as 22 products from other vendors are OK at
present. I wonder if this is a sign that the security software is
finding ever-more stringent ways of controlling TCP access and FB is
caught in the cross-fire. If so, the lights will eventually go out
on more an more FB and IB users who use the database in a personal
environment (i.e. with a database on their own PC not with a remote
server) as they upgrade their personal firewall or even have it
upgraded automatically for them under a subscription scheme.

I've looked in the bugtrack and I believe this is not related to the
NAT problem, or to Events being registered/Server hangs if auxiliary
(event) connection is not made [1178240], but correct me if I'm
wrong. I can't find anything on Google about this either, but I think
its a new issue. I've been using IB6 for three years and only just
got hit by ZoneAlarm Security Suite, so I started looking at other
similar products and how FB stood up in the same environment.

More detailed info, including Java source, is in
but I'm not looking for an answer to that support question here, just
raising an alert to what might become a worsening problem over time.
My firebird-support message 61830 also lists 22 security products
that are OK at present, as well as two that are unknowns as there's
no trial version available.