Subject Firebird Collaboration / Discussion Site
Author Jim Starkey
I have set up an experimental Firebird collaboration web site at to see if we can
develop a mechanism for more coherent discussion of Firebird
architecture and development issues. The site is generally visible to
the public, but posting requires site registration.

The site is organized as a tree of groups, each corresponding to a
Firebird activity. Each group can have articles (with downloadable
attachments), calender events, discussion, and a number of other content
types. All content is, of course, dynamic and managed through the web
interface. The discussion is heavily modelled on the Mozillazine
format. All post must be done from the web interface, but you may ask
to email notification of postings by a per-discussion basis.

I'd like to stress that the site is experimental, meaning specifically
a) there will be rough edges, and b) we don't know whether it will be
useful or not.

Alex has started the ball rolling by posting an interesting article
continuing the Non-blocking Memory Allocator thread. His article can be
found at Firebird/Architecture.

I am hoping for feedback on the site. This is not a project in which
people are generally reticent about expressing their opinions, so I have
braced by ego for a little bruising.


Jim Starkey
Netfrastructure, Inc.
978 526-1376