Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Feature Request
Author Christian Stengel
> I have a nice example : few days ago one people asked in our
> conference
> how to insert more than 1000 recs per second. I said that this is
> possible
> since gbak inserts much faster. I told him about restore.epp. He
> studied
> restore.epp and decided to go to BLR-level from DSQL. Insert speed
> raised
> up to 10000 recs per second with local connection (he has 2000 with
> IBX).
> With embedded he got 50000 recs per second.

and this is exactly what I am looking for. But it would be nice, if
there was an easy to use server build in solution for this (like
importing csv files ..).

Everyone needs to import records to a database system.

Thank you very much :-)

Chris (who is now going to look at restore.epp) ;-)