Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Feature Request
Author Christian Stengel
> It also helps to have the data on the same system and link your load
> application with the classic backend. That's not available on Windows
> yet (I think) but it eliminates the TCP loopback.

yes. This is what I am doing. Connection string is
/Volumes/database/test.fdb - no TCP in there. This saves a lot :-)

0m46.865s (local connection) vs 2m41.072s (TCP connection) on MacOS X
for 1.000.000 records :-).

By the way: MySQL needs 9.15 seconds for 1.000.000 records with load
data infile - but I don't like using it - you can't access it's tables
anymore when importing (poor concurrency :-( ). And you first have to
normalize the data, write it to a file and then import it - firebird is
a cleaner aproach.