Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Services API
Author Nando Dessena

AWH> My suggestion is that we separate each of the utilities into a backend
AWH> shared library and a front-end program that calls the library.

that's more or less the way the InterBase Server Manager used to do
backup/restore & c. in the old (pre-services API and pre-IBConsole)
days, IIRC.

AWH> The
AWH> shared library uses the services API as its interface. The program is a
AWH> very thin layer that provides a user interface for the library. In the
AWH> process, all the utilities should convert to using the OSRI error
AWH> handling classes in Vulcan, and must eliminate calls into internal
AWH> engine code.

Would the library API be public, documented, and IOW usable so one can
make his own gbak wrapper, or would the Service API still be the
official way?

Nando Dessena