Subject Crypto: Transform Lib, et al
Author Jim Starkey
I've finished elementary and intermediate tire kicking with LibTomCrypt
(Tom's Crypto Library) with excellent results. I have small test
application plus working tranform classes for DES, SHA, and RSA PKCS
(oaep encoding with public encrypt, private decrypt, private encrypt,
and public decrypt) plus transforms for hex, base64, files, and
strings. The test program, all transforms, the necessary partof a
LibTomCrypt, a degenerate memory manager plus a password manager (for
regression testing) comes out to a Windows release executable of 163K,
of which LibTomCrypt is no more than half.

The customization was isolated to a tomcrypt_custom.h header where I
replaced the memory primitives and selected the hashes, ciphers, and
pkcs's that I wanted. I also changed the extensions from .c to .cpp and
fixed a half-dozen C-isms.

The next step is extract the modules I need into a flatter directory
tree to preserve my sanity and do some multi-platform testing.

But from all indications, LibTomCrypt is a real winner.


Jim Starkey
Netfrastructure, Inc.
978 526-1376