Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Crypto Code
Author Jim Starkey
Alexander Klenin wrote:

>>I've been looking at crypto packages for a couple of weeks now. I'm
>>looking for a subsettable crypto package. The requirements are:
>> 1. Compatible license (BSD, Mozilla, or equivalent)
>> 2. C++
>> 3. Subsettable
>> 4. Support for RSA, DES, SHA, and AES
>Did you look at Botan? (
I looked at Botan early in the process when my search was limited to DES
and SHA-1. Botan met most requirements, but had a configuration step
requiring Perl, which stopped me cold on WinXP. I really need a library
that I can just compile. Maybe Botan could be adapted, but at the time
I was looking for something that I could just use. I've broadened the
scope, so I should take another look.

I thought it was interesting that they've backed off of templates in
favor of objects. A good step in the right direction (in my humble opinion.

>>A little research has shown that almost all free crypto code goes back
>>to SSLeay written by Eric Young. SSLeay is the foundation of OpenSSL
>>The license requires that you give Eric Young credit in your
>>documentation and that you not release the source under another license,
>>especially GPL.
>>Since Eric Young has taken the step of putting his code in the public
>>domain unencumbered,
>Whatever you opinion about GPL is, I do not think it is fair to call
>the work with such restrictions "unencumbered" or, indeed, "public
Sorry, but I have a commercial product and don't want any of my system
contaminated with GPLed source code lest I become a litgation target of
the Free Software Foundation. Young put his work out there so any
developer can use and build upon it, which is something that I admire.
Firebird has the same philosophy. The GPL is trying to build an
alternative world without commercial software, and idea that I do not
adhere to. For the record, Netfrastructure code that I've donated to
Firebird has a proviso that it can't be re-issued under other
licenses. If I go forward with the Crypto project, code that I use
from other sources will its original license and new code will be IDPL
with a no re-license clause.

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