Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Crypto Code
Author Alexander Klenin
> I've been looking at crypto packages for a couple of weeks now. I'm
> looking for a subsettable crypto package. The requirements are:
> 1. Compatible license (BSD, Mozilla, or equivalent)
> 2. C++
> 3. Subsettable
> 4. Support for RSA, DES, SHA, and AES
Did you look at Botan? (
Judging from your postings, I think you will like the following things
about Botan:
1) It is not too big (1400KB tar.gz source), and is claimed to be
rather modular.
2) The author recently migrated it from heavy usage of templates to
plain objects.
3) The license is essentially BSD-with-attribution.
4) It is reasonably portable.
And the following would be considered as disadvantages:
1) It uses STL extensively (std::vector, std::string, etc.)
2) According to a FAQ, it has some problems compiling on Sun Forte --
I do not know what it is, but have some vague recollection that it is
one of the compilers you use ;)

> A little research has shown that almost all free crypto code goes back
> to SSLeay written by Eric Young. SSLeay is the foundation of OpenSSL
> The license requires that you give Eric Young credit in your
> documentation and that you not release the source under another license,
> especially GPL.
> Since Eric Young has taken the step of putting his code in the public
> domain unencumbered,
Whatever you opinion about GPL is, I do not think it is fair to call
the work with such restrictions "unencumbered" or, indeed, "public

> I'm planning to do the same. There are two ways I
> can go. I can do it myself and make it available when I'm done, or if
> there is interest, run this as an informal open source project from
> Netfrastructure CVS server.
> Anyone interested?
Somehow I think that this particular wheel does not need yet another
reinvention ;-)