Subject Re: GUID Key Fields
Author adem
> >Why don't you let the 'cluster unique dentifiers' be
> >composed of 2 UUIDs (i.e. 128 + 128 bit number)?
> >
> >Which means, the first UUID half represents the
> >cluster/node/CPU (whatever) ID, and the second UUID
> >half is the record ID.
> >
> Doesn't need to be 2 * 128 bits values, since a single
> 128 bit value enough to assure a unique identifier for
> every computer for at least 2030,

Yes, but that does not tell you which cluster node it belongs,
does it?

That is why I suggested a pair of UUIDs.

> 256 bits is a very very big key, the indices will suffer
> this choice.

Last time I checked 256 bits equalled 32 bytes.

Why is this such a big problem?

Even though I too can not pronounce words that are
32 bytes/chars long, I am sure Firebird/Vulcan can
handle that.

Plus, Jim keeps reminding us that RAM is free as opposed
to 640 K being enough for anyone.