Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Suggestion about variable declaration
Author Alex Peshkov
Jim Starkey wrote:
> I've been staying out of this thread because I hate the trigger/store
> procedure language with a passion (I much prefer the more simpler, more
> powerful GDML trigger language).
> That said, the current language is a Pascal derivative, certainly
> because Borland flogged Pascal compilers. And while Pascal was once a
> common pedagogical language, my understanding is that it has been
> universally supplanted by Java. As Borland withers and dies, so most
> likely will Pascal.
> If we're going to be playing with trigger and procedure languages,
> doesn't it make more sense to use C/C++/Java style declarations:
> <type> <variable> [, <variable>] ;
> rather than
> declare <variable> [, <variable] <type>
> ?

I also like this style much better. May be because I don't like Pascal?